Monday, July 2, 2012

Morning Links for July 2nd

Good morning! Here are the top ten links for the morning!

1) Tiger Woods passed Jack Nicklaus for career wins yesterday after winning at Congressional.

2) Boise State did opt out of the Mountain West before their July 1st deadline and look to be headed to the Big East.

3) Tom Fornelli looks at all of the conference switching that goes into effect for the 2012 season.

4) Gregg Doyel echoes the feelings of many and says that Penn State and their officials must face a reckoning.

5) Dennis Dodd wants the NCAA to make Penn State pay for their cover up of the Sandusky scandal.

6) Dan Wetzel believes that Paterno's legacy is irreparably damaged by the new emails that CNN uncovered.

7) Mike Huguenin continues his countdown of all 124 teams with #48 Pitt and #47 SMU.

8) Yahoo Sports' College Football Writers do a round table on who will be in a BCS bowl game last year will be in one this year.

9) Erin Andrews will host Fox's college pregame show as well as having duties on their NFL and MLB coverage.

10) Ohio State running back Jordan Hall has cut his foot and will be out for 10 weeks.

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