Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morning Links for July 24th

Good morning folks! It was a busy day yesterday as Penn State got hammered by the NCAA. Here is my column on that. There are lot of links today as i give you multiple opinions on the ruling plus some other football news.

1) In case you weren't aware, here are the sanctions handed down to Penn State.

2) Gene Wojciechowski calls the Penn State ruling a fate worse than death.

3) The financial impact on Penn State may not be actually known for years.

4) Dennis Dodd says the move made by Mark Emmert secures his legacy as a positive force in college athletics.

5) According to Bruce Feldman, it's about to be open season on Penn State players since they can transfer without penalty.

6) The Eye on College Football blog looks at Penn State as an undead program.

7) Tony Barnhart spoke with Bobby Bowden and the new king of big time college football takes no joy in his new record.

8)  Gregg Doyel agrees with the NCAA and says the punishment fits the crime.

9)  Dan Wetzel says that Penn State will wish they had taken the death penalty instead of these sanctions.

10) Pat Forde had a one-on-one sit down with NCAA Mark Emmert.

11) Jeff Eisenberg says that Joe Paterno's legacy was further damaged by the NCAA sanctions.

12) Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien has said that he's going to stay at Penn State despite the sanctions.

13) Thayer Evans does not think that the NCAA did enough in punishing Penn State.

14) A.J. Perez compares the SMU penalties to Penn State's.

15) Jason Whitlock was shocked that the NCAA did the right thing in punishing Penn State.

16) Andy Staples wonders what the Penn State players will do now that they're faced with the difficult choice of staying or going.

17) Stewart Mandel thinks that the NCAA and Mark Emmert overstepped their boundaries.

18) Michael Rosenberg believes Mark Emmert legitimized the importance of athletics over academics by stripping Penn State of victories.

19) ACC Media Days were overshadowed yesterday by the Penn State announcement but ESPN was there for media's predictions for conference champ.

20) Asianti Woulard was the MVP of the Elite 11 camp and impressed a lot of people.

21) Michigan running back Fitzgerald Toussaint has been suspended indefinitely by Brady Hoke after being charged with a DUI.

22) EA Sports is giving up their exclusive rights to the NCAA Football franchise for 5 years

23) Mike Huguenin continues his countdown of all 124 FBS schools with #25 Florida and Fox Sports continues their's with #14 Louisville and #13 Utah.

24) Mike Huguenin also takes a look at TCU and says that they're used to playing big games so they shouldn't have too much trouble in the Big XII.

25) Oklahoma is looking to get Bob Stoops that elusive second BCS title.

26) Buffalo Wild Wings is taking over as the title sponsor for the Bowl.

27) Michigan has revealed the special uniforms they will be wearing for the Alabama game.

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