Saturday, June 30, 2012

Morning Links for June 30th

Good morning everyone! Here are the ten morning links for today as well as yesterday's column! Make sure to follow me on twitter and join the group on facebook.

Here is yesterday's column on how Mark Richt did the right thing in letting Isaiah Crowell go.

1) ESPN's conference bloggers look at what they think the selection committee needs to do for the upcoming college playoff.

2) Texas A&M got a new A.D. from South Carolina yesterday when Eric Hyman resigned from South Carolina and headed to College Station.

3) According to a CNN report, some disturbing emails from Penn State officials prove that they actively tried to cover up the Jerry Sandusky situation back in 2001.

4) Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN and is being pursued by Fox Sports to become a sideline analyst for them.

5) Bruce Feldman does his weekly mailbag column and answers questions about Isaiah Crowell and the playoffs.

6) Matt Hinton looks at the top ten running backs from the 2011 class and notices a disturbing trend.

7) Texas A&M joins in the fun of having players with off the field issues when freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel arrested for disorderly conduct and having a fake I.D.

8) Mike Huguenin continues his preseason countdown with #49 Southern Miss.

9) Lisa Horne does a stock watch report for and looks at defensive lines for various college football teams this week.

10) Matt Hayes looks at the SEC non-conference schedules of each school and wonders if there should be a non-conference schedule tax.

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