Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Links for June 28th

Good morning! Here are the top ten links to get you going this morning!

1) Chad Ford and Bill Simmons break down the NBA Draft tonight and give a mock draft.

2) Mike Hueguenin continues on ranking all 124 FBS teams with 60-56 and 55-51.

3) Jacob Bunn previews Ole Miss in his SEC preview.

4) Tony Barnhart looks at what a selection committee would have done during 2007-2011 if the playoff had been in play then.

5) Jerry Palm warns all of the people clamoring for a playoff to be careful what you ask for.

6) Jen Floyd Engel also believes that the playoff is nothing but smoke and mirrors for big time college football.

7) Mr. SEC looks at the good and bad of the new playoff for the SEC.

8) Sports Illustrated looks at 20 schools that could have benefited from a playoff.

9) Andrew Luck talked to the media after yesterday's rookie symposium and says he's sure his contract will be done eventually.

10) Jonathan Vilma is saying he will file an injunction to block his suspension if Commissioner Goodell does not rescind the suspension.

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