Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Links for June 27th

Good Morning to you! Hope you are doing well. Make sure you follow me on twitter and join the fan group on facebook. Here are today’s top ten links and a link to yesterday’s playoff column.

Here’s yesterday’s piece on the confirmation of the College Football Playoffs.

1) Gene Wojciechowski declares the playoff agreement as one of the top five documents in the history of America.

2) Dennis Dodd doesn’t like the new playoff setup and believes it eliminates the Non-AQ schools from a shot at the title.

3) Andy Staples says that the new playoff system isn’t perfect but it’s better than what we had.

4) Dan Wetzel is happy that the BCS is dead but is leery of the bowls and their influence.

5) Les Carpenter thinks that the presidents will not expand the playoffs to more than four teams.

6) Bryan Curtis holds a funeral for the BCS and lists five positive things it has done.

7) The BCS denied the Mountain West AQ status for the final two years of the BCS.

8) Gregg Doyel believes the NCAA shouldn’t punish Penn State and that the should courts handle it.

9) Texas A&M is going to have a ceremonial flag raising to announce their membership to the SEC.

10) UGA’s Assistant Coach John Lily who oversees the punt coverage unit reflects on the SEC Championship Game punt coverage meltdowns.

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