Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thoughts on Opening Day and Petrino

Opening Day in Baseball is one of my favorite days of the year. Sadly, Bud Selig has found a way to screw it up by having two Opening Days. One in America and the first one in Japan. Now the one in Japan was seen exclusively by fans of the Mariners and As in their markets and only available to everyone outside those markets as part of the MLB Extra Innings package. Way to go Bud! Then the second Opening Day was last night with the Cardinals and Marlins opening up Marlins Park. This is sad because the Cincinnati Reds used to have the market on Opening Day by having the first MLB game. Opening Day in Cincinnati involved all school children being out and a huge parade. The whole city got behind it. But due to Bud's infinite wisdom, the Reds don't get this privilege any more. Is this a result of Bud's ill will towards the late Marge Schott? Probably.

And now on to the fun story of the day: Bobby Petrino's wreck. Petrino wrecked his Harley last Sunday evening. Here is a recording of Petrino's account of the events. Well today, Max Brantley tells us that there was a rider on Petrino's Harley that escaped uninjured. The rider was Jessica Dorrell, who is an assistant to Bobby Petrino. I wonder what Petrino's assistant was doing with him on a Harley Sunday evening? Could Petrino be going down the path of another powerful man from the state of Arkansas?

This should be a fun few months for SEC fans after Spring Training finishes!

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