Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CM Punk and Chris Brown

I am an unabashed fan of the WWE. I have enjoyed watching them for nearly over 4 decades now. (1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s) and have never been more enamored with a wrestler than I have become with C.M. Punk. C.M. Punk has always preached the values of his straight edge lifestyle whether he was was a face (good guy) or heel (bad guy). He cuts amazing promos and is a great technical wrestler as well. His twitter account is often hilarious and very sarcastic. Punk has never had a run in with the law since he has been in the public eye with Ring of Honor Wrestling back in 2002.

Chris Brown is a popular R&B singer that rose to fame with his dancing and singing routines that reminded many of a young Michael Jackson. His career was on a great path until the police report came out about his beating of Rihanna on March 5th, 2009. The despicable act occurred on February 8th, 2009.  Chris Brown viciously beat Rihanna so badly that she had to be out of the public eye for several weeks while she recovered including missing a scheduled Grammy Performance. This is what she looked like after the beating: and her mouth looked like this: Brown later went on to plea out the assault and only had to do community service for his actions. Brown recently won a grammy and tweeted out this to the world: Clearly a man that has felt he repented for his actions.

I tell you all of this to give you background to the lives of these two men. After he had completed his Elimination Chamber match this past Sunday in Milwaukee, he tweeted this:!/CMPunk/status/171472880419344384 to which Chris Brown tweeted this: Brown later deleted this tweet from his account after he had it pointed out to him that Punk doesn't use "roids." Punk followed up with this video!/CMPunk/status/172123298673606657 and has been on all the major entertainment websites and tv shows.

My respect for Punk has grown immensely after this event. Domestic violence is a huge issue in professional wrestling and has in part been fueled by the drug use and prescription pill abuse. To see a wrestler of Punk's status tackle this issue with great passion is amazing. I have acquired a passion for this issue because of Lila, my wife. Lila and my mother-in-law both work for a domestic violence organization in Walker County that started 1985. It is a very emotionally draining line of work that can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. It takes a very special type of person to work in this field. My mother-in-law has worked in it for 25 years and has seen hundreds of women come through the shelter. These shelters change women's lives and help them to get out of dangerous and potentially fatal situations.

To learn more about the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violent please visit

While you may not be a fan of professional wrestling, everyone should be behind C.M. Punk and his calling out of Chris Brown.

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  1. Good point about domestic violence events in the wrestling world. We need more people to stand up and hold abusers accountable no matter what industry they work in. I don't advocate revenge beating on the abuser, but using good old-fashioned shunning can work. If we stop buying Chris Brown's music today, he'll be irrelevant tomorrow in the music industry. Then folks might not rush to defend his continuing demonstration of abuser attitude and belief that he is entitled to do whatever he pleases to others. I refuse to even listen to the free access to his music on the internet. I turn the channel when his videos play. Kudos to Lila and Jan for their dedication in helping. I fear they will always have to do this work until we, as a society, refuse to allow domestic violence to happen.